For over 35 years, SEMA has been providing superior cross-channel solutions to Australia’s biggest brands.

SEMA deliver optimised and intuitive customer communications via a customer’s channel of choice. We leverage the latest technologies to ensure communication processes are as streamlined and transparent as possible. Whether you want to communicate with your customers via full colour print, email, SMS, mobile, video or social media,


SEMA can help you solve communications problems and challenges including:

  • Cross-Channel Communications – communicate via your customer’s channel of choice
  • Security – maintain your data’s integrity, security and privacy
  • Corporate Data Cleansing – remove redundant and duplicated records occupying your CRM
  • Consolidation – fuse your data to a single source, removing connecting disparate systems
  • Transition – transition from print to digital, (and back again!) saving you revenue
  • Personalisation – get closer to your customers by hyper-personalising their communications.

Our SEMA senior management team


Managing Director

John became Managing Director in June 2012. He is an experienced CEO and a Chartered Accountant with a strong financial focus. John's area of expertise is in the management of large private companies and small listed companies. John says: "My role is to drive the strategy of SEMA, ensuring we continue to embrace ever changing technology to innovate and meet the challenges of a competitive market place."


Chief Operating Officer

Brent has over 26 years' experience with SEMA both operationally and within the IT side of the business. He has a proven background of highly effective process improvement. Brent says: "At SEMA we pride ourselves in providing robust Business Process Outsourcing designed with the flexibility to deliver your message through your chosen channel in a rapidly changing world."


Sales Director

Having worked with some of Australia's most recognisable corporations to drive more strategic and effective communication, Chris possesses a wealth of experience and a proven record of success. Chris says: "It's my mission to ensure we're proactively working with clients to drive multi-channel innovations across their communications strategy."


Highly Recommended - Excellence in Customer Relations. The Australian Achiever Awards measure and reward the success of customer service delivery. We’re proud to achieve this recognition across all three of our sites in NSW, VIC & QLD.


SEMA operates a management system that complies with the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 for services including mail processing and distribution, imaging and response, electronic publishing software design and laser printing.


SEMA has been a member of the Australia Post Bulk Mail Partner scheme since 2004. The scheme recognises the successful implementation and commitment to the use of quality processes and tools in the production and lodgement of bulk mail.

SEMA is your only logical choice to handle
these crucial tasks

With over three decades of experience behind us, our history of excellence makes SEMA the obvious choice. At SEMA we constantly strive to deliver better results for our clients, such as:

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